Diamonds In My Drink Tonight

Life is a journey.
Enjoy mine with me.

Back at it!

Hello friends!

I know its been a while since I’ve blogged, but literally nothing is going on in my life right now.

Whats new?

I got full time at Aviva’s billing department, benefits and ish, ya’ll! So thats good, especially since its right down the street from where I live, PLUS theres a free shuttle bus, so I don’t even pay for transportation. Pretty sick set up!

Other than that, just work!

I wanted to make a post because the next week and a half will be so busy for me, the busiest I’ve been in months!

Today I hung out with my CNE buddy Melissa! We had such fun times in that hot parking lot last summer :) It was nice catching up, we were reminiscing about those days like they were yesterday. We shopped, too! I bought two cuuuuuute tops, and shorts, which I hope will be a better fit before I … GO TO HUNGARY IN 2 WEEEEEEEEEKS!!!!

Yes, I am going back to Hungary on June 6th to visit my 92 year old grandfather :) I’m so excited to go see him! 

Anyways, more of that will come later.

This weekend, Joel and I are planning to go to the ROM (assuming hes in a good enough mood). I’m excited to go! I bought two Groupons for $14 each and it gives you full access to the ROM! :D The Forbidden City is the special exhibit now, so I’m excited to see that! Back in April, Joel and I went to the AGO and it was really interesting, one of my more favourite of our dates. And the ROM will be even better! Also, I am planning on getting a DSLR camera so I can take amazing photos of Hungary and other random things. I’ve always wanted a DSLR, and now that I have a good job with good pay, I can easily afford one :)

Next week, plans are:

Monday: Greek food with Suganya

Tuesday: PaintNite with the girls (Doreen, Jos, Caroline)

Friday: Surprise party for my Mama!

Weekend: Go home to get my contacts, start getting ready for Hungary

Thats all I have for now, but hopefully more plans will fill up my empty days. Its summer, of course! I should be out having fun, instead of sitting at home on the computer or doing other things unproductive!

Anyways, I think thats all I have for now. I hope to blog a bit more, if not for the readers, but for myself, so I have something to look back on to show myself that I did have a life this summer :) Plus.. this blogging stuff is fun and relaxing! 

I love you for reading!

Stephanie <3

Sweet brother of mine <3

My brother was using my phone charger and I didn’t know, so I asked where my charger was because my battery was at 10%, and I saw he was using it, so I said, It’s ok, I’ll charge it later.

Then later when he was done using it, he plugged in my phone without me knowing :) I assumed he would just leave the cable when he was done, but he actually plugged it in for me :)

<3 <3 <3

Love my baby bro!

My hero!

My brother is such a sweet person. I believe that if you do something selfless, you will be rewarded greatly.

One weekend, my brother, mom, Joel, and my mom’s 2 friends and I went to the casino for fun (my mom’s friends wanted to check it out, but not spend too much time there). My mom played a bit and lost $180, while my mom’s one friend played and won $300. She gave each of us $20. I felt bad for my mom so I gave her my $20 to make up  for what she lost. My brother didn’t have a job, so that $20 went a long way for him for gas money, etc. But he saw how sad our mom was after we told her not to play anymore, and he took the chance and played his $20 to try to win something. Found money is free money, right?

So I show him which machine to play, and he plays.. and wins about $100. He cashed it out, and he gave $60 to my mom. He felt good, but we still saw how sad she was, so he played his $20, lost it, played his last $20 and won another $125! He cashed that out, and said he was done. But he felt like something was calling him.. haha.. so he played a $20 and won $170 almost immediately! He cashed that out, gave my mom the rest of the money she lost, and kept the rest for himself. Not bad, a total winning of almost $400 starting from a measly $20 bill that would normally last someone 10 minutes in the casino. He kept the rest of the money for himself, he deserved it!

You should have seen the look on my mom’s face. She was soo happy and smiley and giggly! She definitely has amazing children :) My mom’s friend was still playing slots and everyone wanted to go home, but we watched and waited for her. My mom wanted to play so my brother gave her one of his $20s to let her play. 

My brother is so kind and generous. It makes me so happy to be able to call him my brother. He deserves nothing but the best always.

Love you Mookie <3 Thanks for being you!

Happy Fathers Day to the best!

So happy that I could put a smile on my dad’s face today by giving him the Levi’s jacket he has been wanting for so long, but didn’t want to spend money on something for himself. 

Daddy, you deserve the best always because you have been such an  amazing role model in my life and to other people. You think of others before yourself and are always looking toward the positive in every situation. You and Mommy taught me all the good things in life and how to be a great person. You are always loving, kind, supportive, and understanding. 

You deserve so much more, and I wish I could get you more, but this will do for now. 

I’m so happy I got to spend this weekend with you <3 

Love you forever and always,

Your baby girl <3

I definitely have the best parents in the world <3

Sooo, Joel and I moved to a basement apartment. My mom and dad love to come over and have dinner with us (I mainly think that because we have a huge kitchen and thats what makes my mom want to cook here haha). And my mom likes to bring over enough food to fill up the fridge so that we don’t have to buy food for weeks, literally. 

I’m just so overwhelmed with how amazing my parents are! They bring over anything I need to make me feel comfortable here. It amazes me how much they will do for their children, even when they barely have anything for themselves. But thats how my parents always were, and I guess I’m just realizing it now that I’m older and can see it.

I love them so much, I can’t even describe how happy they make me.

I want to do something nice for them, but I don’t know what! Their 25th wedding anniversary is coming up in November, so perhaps I will organize a surprise party for them and make a huge collage of photos of them throughout the years? Its an idea for now. 

Love you Mommy and Daddy, forever and always! 


30 Day Challenges

I feel motivated right now to do the 30 day squat challenge… and while I’m at that, I’m going to do a push-up and crunch challenge, too… Hopefully that will get me good results within in next 30 days. I also will try to do cardio, like jump rope and perhaps running up and down the stairs, depending on how I feel. 

I think I will start tomorrow since its already late tonight :) 

Wish me luck! I hope I can stick to it! LOL


Happy birthday to the most wonderful mother anyone could ever ask for &lt;3 

Happy birthday to the most wonderful mother anyone could ever ask for <3 

Familyyy <3

I can definitely say that I have the best one. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend <3

Luck had my back this weekend

Thanks to crazy Steph (no, not me), I got into the club. I was wearing sneakers and the door guy was telling me I can’t come in with sneakers, so as she distracted the guy, she slipped off her flats and passed them back to me, and the door guy was confused and was asking where I would leave my sneakers, and I’m like “Coatcheck, duh! You have coatcheck right?” HAHAH suckassss!

Then on Sunday Joel and I went to the mall and got Subway right as the mall was closing, and the workers were so busy that they were too busy to notice that we didn’t pay. They gave us our subs and said thanks, have a good day! And so we walked off. I thought Joel had already paid, and he thought I had paid because there was a receipt in the machine still. So we got $18 worth of subs and combos, yeee!

Thanks Lady Luck! Hopefully more comes my way soon :)

Two years have gone by, and we still talk like no time has passed <3

I spoke to one of my dearest friends today for two and a half hours on the phone. We haven’t talked in about two years, but the conversation never stopped, and I don’t think I have laughed this hard or this often in a very long time. I’m so happy that we are still the same people, and we are so much alike still. I’m glad to hear that her life is going well, and she was just as glad to hear about my life :) 

I’m so ecstatic that I get to reconnect with her. I don’t have many people I talk to on a regular basis, but I know I can call her up any time and talk openly and won’t be judged. She is the long lost friend I have been needing and looking for for a while now. 

So happy right now <3 

Thank you Lord for so many wonderful blessings! <3